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GreekPropertyExchange.com (GPE) is a Greece's leading real-estate website search tool. GPE was created out of the confusion, frustration and misinformation surrounding the real estate market in Greece.

The creators of GPE (all Greek nationals living abroad) have at one time or another purchased or attempted to purchase or sell property in Greece while living abroad. The significant challenges faced were discouraging enough to warrant the creation of GPE. This is a dedicated web portal for Greek-nationals and lovers of Greece to come together and experience a truly unbiased real estate marketplace.

It is the mission at GPE to deliver a simplified, current and transparent website that brings you residential, commercial, land and rental property listings from all over Greece and Cyprus. From Thrace to Crete, Kerkyra to Rodos, we are working to build a network of real estate and independent professionals interested in bridging the clarity gap.

Greece is an internationally binding nation. We are working in the world’s top 20 Greek markets to help support the real estate needs of those living abroad and to bring the GPE experience beyond Greek borders. 

GPE is a great website for those looking to buy, sell or rent property in Greece. We are a new company with the drive to make this a successful outlet for you, the user. Please let us know how we can make our service offerings better by
emailing us your suggestions. You can also visit our press page for more information



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