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Greece - A Country Like No Other

Why is it that Greeks living abroad try to hold on to their heritage so much? Try to visit every opportunity they get? Invest in summer homes given the opportunity? This is because the love that Greeks living abroad have for the motherland is so strong. This is why was created - to serve the property needs of Greeks and Greece-lovers living abroad.
Greek Nationals Living Abroad was created not only to provide clarity to the real estate process to people within Greece, but to bring an international real estate platform to Greeks living abroad. To help illustrate the importance of the need for this website, take a look at the top 10 Countries that have the most Greek Nationals living in them. 

Country Capital City # of Greek Nationals

Washington, D.C. 3,000,000

Nicosia 700,000

Canberra 650,000

Ottawa 450,000

London 400,000

Berlin 370,000

Pretoria 120,000

Moscow 100,000

Kiev 92,000

Paris 40,000


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