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Find a real estate agent in Greece. Search for professional Greek realtors, estate agents and sellers. Use local agents to buy, sell or rent property and land in Greece.


Attiki, Athens North

Vasiliki Bouki
Boukis real estate
Telephone: 2102828477 | 55 Listings

Καλώς ήλθατε στο κτηματομεσιτικό γραφείο «BOUKIS REAL ESTATE». Το γραφείο μας βρίσκεται στο Νέο Ηράκλειο Αττικής και δραστηριοποιείται στα βόρεια και...

Attiki, Athens Center

Evita Eleftheroudaki
Epsilon Team
Telephone: +30 2107212284 | 1318 Listings

H EPSILON TEAM , εκτός των κλασσικών μεσιτικών υπηρεσιών, διαθέτει μόνιμη νομική υποστήριξη από το εξειδικευμένο σε αγοραπωλησίες δικηγορικό γραφείο...

Attiki, Athens Center

Odysseas Demetriades
Metro One Real Estate
Telephone: +30 2106251000 | 1044 Listings

Η Metro One Real Estate είναι μια από τις μεγαλύτερες εταιρείες Μεσιτείας Ακινήτων στην Ελλάδα. Διαθέτει εκτενές δίκτυο μεσιτών στο Λεκανοπέδιο Αττικής...

Attiki, Athens North

Michael Kyriakidis
Kyriakidis Real Estate S.A.
Telephone: +30 2106072700 | 1 Listings

Attiki, Athens South

Μίνα Μπασακίδου
Blue Brown
Telephone: +30 2108948048 | 1686 Listings

H BlueBrown είναι μία πρωτοποριακή εταιρεία παροχής συμβουλευτικών υπηρεσιών στο χώρο των ακινήτων με έδρα τη Γλυφάδα. Δημιουργήθηκε από έμπειρους...

Attiki, Athens Center

Pavlos Avdelas
Re/Max Elite
Telephone: +30 2109355250 | 1108 Listings

Attiki, Athens Center

George Koufos
Three-D Real Estate
Telephone: +30 2108236436 | 93 Listings

Our office Three-d provides integrated solutions for buying, selling or renting dwellings, commercial premises and exploited land. Our aim is to assist in handling any matter related to your property through direct and high level services. We have experienced...

Attiki, Athens Center

Irina Rondyak
Rondyak Real Estate
Telephone: +30 6934165392 | 85 Listings

'Rondyak Real Estate' agency specializes in the field of selling, buying or investing in real estate property in Attiki, Peloponnesos, continental Greece and all the popular Greek islands. We operate as an independent consulting company, which cooperates with a number...

Attiki, Athens Center

Vassilis Haeropoulos
Plan & Act
1 Listings

Attiki, Athens Center

Dimitris Argyropoulos
Attika Home
Telephone: +30 2108610200 | 4 Listings

Attiki, Athens Center

George Nikolopoulos
Nikolopoulos Real Estate Co.
Telephone: +30 2103611882 | 128 Listings

Established in 1970. Deals with residential, luxury, commercial, industrial, hotel properties and land investments. Official appraiser for the National Bank of Greece. Member of Int'l Real Estate Institute.

Attiki, Athens Center

George Stamatakis
Alpha Land Developers
Telephone: +30 6943476922 | 3 Listings

Alpha land developers is a costruction company specialized in Lofts development in the center of Athens .

Attiki, Athens North

Κωνσταντίνος Καλουτσίδης
Κωνσταντίνος Καλουτσίδης
Telephone: +30 2106518803 | 10 Listings

Το κτηματομεσιτικό γραφείο Kaloutsidis Homes εδρεύει στο Χολαργό απο το 2001, και δραστηριοποιείται στις περιοχές Παπάγος, Χολαργός, Αγ.Παρασκευή, Π/Ν...

Attiki, Athens North

Nea Ergodomiki Real Estate Group
Telephone: +30 2108145558 | 27 Listings

''NEA ERGODOMIKI SA" is a company with many years of presence in REAL ESTATE, showing many high quality services both in construction sector and as real estate brokers / consultants in buying and selling properties as well as businesses. ACTIVITIES - Construction and...

Attiki, Athens North

Kelly Beniudaki
K & S Real Estate
Telephone: +30 2106231980 | 10 Listings

At KS Real Estate we pride ourselves for providing our customers with tailor-made solutions. Our goal is to facilitate selling, purchasing, and leasing of real estate properties in the most efficient and problem-free fashion. We even go a step further and assist our...

Attiki, Athens Center

Chrysanthos Kosmas
QKT Finance SA
Telephone: +30 2107779000 | 12 Listings

QKT Finance SA and Property Brokers offer you high Quality services in finding and developing real estate with professionalism and consistency. The company is headquartered in the Center of Athens and deals with real estate properties all over Greece. Our partners...

Attiki, Athens South

Spyridon Karapanos
Karapanos Building Creations
Telephone: +30 2109704536 | 2 Listings

Life means Creation and every Creation is unique. Having 40 years experience in the construction area we involve with the complete service delivery. KARAPANOS Building-Creations a team of Architects and civil Engineers works with certified crews and can guarantee the...

Attiki, Athens North

Emilia Priniotaki
All About Property
247 Listings

All about Property is a full service real estate agency specializing in covering the residential needs of corporate expatriates and diplomats in Athens. We offer a variety of luxurious homes as well as furnished apartments in the North and South suburbs of Athens as...

Attiki, Athens North

Yiannis Ziavras
Re/Max Ependisi Akiniton
Telephone: +30 2106896940 | 1877 Listings

"RE/MAX Ependisi Akiniton" (Properties Investment) was founded in 2003 and in 2013 we have started a new business in Glyfada (Athens South), attending to the needs of potential customers in the Southern Suburbs of Attica region. Our Purpose The aim of our agency...

Attiki, Athens South

Nicholas Latousakis
Latousakis Constructions
Telephone: +30 2109358000 | 2 Listings

Respect buyers money! Love our creations! Strive for knowledge!

Attiki, Athens Center

Ευαγγελία Γιαννοπούλου
Ευαγγελία κων. Γιαννοπούλου
Telephone: 2105126039 | 2 Listings

Κατασκευαστικό γραφείο με έμπειρους αρχιτέκτονες, πολιτικούς μηχανικούς, τοπογράφους και διακοσμητές αναλαμβάνει από το 1985 την ανέγερση...

Attiki, Athens North

Artemis Giavasoglou
Telephone: +302108000313 | 2 Listings

It's not just the design or the building, not just the object, the decoration, the landscape, the room, the working environment or the lighting, but the matching of all of them, it's the conception, the creation, the ability, the perception, the right planning and...

Attiki, Athens North

Angela Eliopoulos
Global Owner Properties
Telephone: +30 2106772872 | 294 Listings

As Certified International Property Specialists, the Global Owner Team provides best in class private professional services to Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate internationally, ensuring control and confidentiality at all levels of the transaction. With offices in...

Attiki, Athens South

Foteini Oikonomidou
Select Real Estate
Telephone: +30 2109854972 | 4 Listings

Select Real Estate specializes in properties located in the coastal suburbs of south Athens, more particularly the municipalities of Paleo Faliro, Nea Smyrni, Alimos, south Elliniko, Glyfada, Voula ,Vouliagmeni and Kolonaki. We offer for rent & sale a wide variety of...

Attiki, Athens Center

Gerasimos Neofitos
Genecon Development
Telephone: +30 2114058711 | 128 Listings

GENECON DEVELOPMENT is a dynamic development/construction company specializing in providing one-stop services and turnkey solutions for development projects and vacation residences all around Greece. The long involvement of the company and its associates in the design...

Attiki, Athens South

Kosmas Papadakis
Agora Aκινήτων Real Estate
Telephone: +30 2109536282 | 251 Listings

Η Agora Ακινήτων είναι ένα γραφείο, που δημιουργήσαμε, για να συμβάλουμε στο χώρο των ακινήτων, μέσα από τον υγιή και γόνιμο ανταγωνισμό, την διάθεση...

Attiki, Athens South

Felicity Sideri
Telephone: +30 2108940006 | 1556 Listings

Look2Book, based in Glyfada, 22 Andrea Papandreou Str., deals with the provision of services in relation to leases residential and commercial properties, as well as real estate trading concerning land and businesses in the southern suburbs of Attica, and selected...

Attiki, Athens North

Δέσποινα Δοντά
Dontas Real Estate
Telephone: +30 2106231555 | 2215 Listings

DONTAS REAL ESTATE Το μεσιτικό γραφείο DONTAS REAL ESTATE βρίσκεται στη Κηφισιά , Λεωφ.Κηφισίας 293 και Δηληγιάννη , εμπορικό κέντρο ΦΟΙΝΙΚΑΣ και δραστηριοποιείται...

Attiki, Athens South

Katerina Chartoulari
Katerina Chartoulari Real Estate
Telephone: +30 2108976105 | 425 Listings

Attiki, Athens North

Dionisis Souris
Mosaic Villas in Greece
Telephone: +30 2102717417 | 3 Listings

“Mosaic - villas in Greece” is an entrepreneurial approach to the traditional practices of the overseas property market. Our portfolio of villas offers buying opportunities on existing properties and “villas in Greece” designed development projects on available...

Attiki, Athens South

Martha Goutou
Goutos Properties
Telephone: +30 2109715711 | 1982 Listings

Since 1986 our company, \'\'Goutos Properties\'\', has been offering a full range of management and consulting services in Real Estate, Appraisals, Construction and Investments. The owner, Martha Goutou, utilizing her long background in the services sector, created a...

Attiki, Athens Center

Valia Constantinou
IRG Pro Investment
Telephone: +30 2114087141 | 107 Listings

IRG PRO Investment and Residency is the trusted source in Greece for innovative, forward thinking and high professionalism in investment and real estate consulting. Based in Athens, IRG PRO team is made up of experienced real estate agents, developers, lawyers,...

Attiki, Athens Center

Kiriaki Mitrou
Lion Real Estate
Telephone: +30 6936353060 |

Lion Real Estate it’s all about finding the right property for you. We are specialized in finding properties in luxury areas of Greece including the Greek islands. We have a portfolio of over 400 properties, land, villas, apartments and commercial properties for sale...

Central Greece (Sterea), Evoia

Dimitris Dimitrakakis
Easy properties
Telephone: +30 2221085862 | 135 Listings

Easy Properties is based in Halkida on 16th Angeli Goviou Str. on the wonderful and second largest island of Greece, Evia and is comprised of expert property consultants with a many year experience. We are ready to handle any type of transaction in buying, selling,...

Central Macedonia, Thessaloniki Center

Matrik Hatzianagnostou
Telephone: +302310850944 | 16 Listings


Central Macedonia, Thessaloniki Center

Δήμητρα Λουμπούτη
Telephone: +30 2310334001 | 269 Listings

Οι άνθρωποι της Forumland με τον επαγγελματισμό, την δημιουργικότητα, το ομαδικό πνεύμα αλλά και το ήθος που τους διακρίνει, κατάφεραν να αναγνωρίζουν...

Central Macedonia, Thessaloniki Center

Αθανασιος Κουρτης
Oikies Real Estate
Telephone: +30 2310831182 | 6694 Listings


Central Macedonia, Thessaloniki Center

Dimitris Tsokaktsides
Re/Max Delta
Telephone: +30 2310588411 | 4 Listings

The international RE/MAX is the leader in the world of development and network support of real estate services. RE/MAX Europe, with headquarters in Austria, has developed a powerful net of collaborating real estate offices, in 35 European countries, satisfying most...

Central Macedonia, Thessaloniki Center

Βασιλική Βογκόλη
Vogkoli Real Estate
Telephone: 00306944838398 |

Central Macedonia, Thessaloniki Center

Andreas Kakaltsis
Invista Real Estate
Telephone: +30 2310 420555 | 2075 Listings

The company was founded in 2000 and operates until today exclusively in the area of real estate .The company’s privately owned headquarters are in Thessaloniki , Kalamaria and covers your residential business and investment needs throught Thessaloniki , specializing...

Central Macedonia, Thessaloniki Center

Αλεξανδρος Ρουπας
Telephone: 2316007921 | 56 Listings

Η Anyhome δημιουργήθηκε έπειτα από μακρά έρευνα τις αγοράς ακίνητων ώστε να μπορεί να προσφέρει επαγγελματικές συμβουλές τόσο στους ιδιοκτήτες...

Crete, Rethymno

Ellen Hansen
Kreta Eiendom S.A.
Telephone: +30 2831021430 | 50 Listings

Kreta Eiendom was established by Ellen Hansen on 2002 and the main office is located in Rethymno, on the North coast of Crete. Kreta Eiendom is today one of the leading property developers on Crete. In addition to our 19 employees we have established an extensive...

Crete, Irakleio

Ilse Devriendt
Telephone: +30 2892042690 | 46 Listings

At Cretehome4u we are specialized in building homes and villa's for expats and investors. Even if you can't be here at the time of building we keep you up to date true pictures and e-mail. We have lawyers, notary and bookkeepers for your paperwork and can help you with...

Crete, Rethymno

Nikos Sartzetakis
Properties For You
Telephone: +30 2832031530 | 1 Listings

Crete, Rethymno

George Kartsonis
Terra Real Estate
Telephone: +30 2831028808 | 744 Listings

Ionian Islands, Corfu (Kerkira)

Dimitris Drosopoulos
Telephone: +49 33228329640 | 21 Listings


Ionian Islands, Corfu (Kerkira)

Babis Doukakis
Corfu Real Estate
Telephone: +30 26610 94563 |

Ionian Islands, Corfu (Kerkira)

Ioanna Pamfili
Vana Pamfili Real Estate
Telephone: +30 2661035091 | 388 Listings

Our real estate agency is based in Corfu-Greece and operates throughout the island, covering every real estate need. The accurate information and guidance to customers on procedures of purchase and the complete transparency in our dealings, lead us to excellent...

Ipeiros, Thesprotia

Perdika realestate
Telephone: +30 266 509 1764 | 31 Listings

We specialize in turning our customer’s dreams into reality. Whether you’re looking for a summer home, a piece of land to build, or a mansion we’ll help you find it. We also can help with your vacation to lovely Perdika Greece with accommodations of rooms for...

Ipeiros, Ioannina

Kostas Pantas
Easy Life Real Estate
Telephone: +30 6936903710 | 34 Listings

Easy Life Real Estate has its main activity of business in the area of landed transactions and constructional private work. Through constant collaboration with engineers, architects, lawyers and notaries, specialized in the Real Estate, it provides complete technical...

Peloponnisos, Messinia

Dionisios Sipsas
Re/Max Real Estate Group
Telephone: +30 2721069702 | 32 Listings

We are not the only Real-Estate Office but we are the best. MY 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN MESSINIA GUARANTEE OUR PERFECT COOPERATION.

Peloponnisos, Messinia

Elias Lafazanos
Century 21 Heritage Group
Telephone: +30 2721052017 |

Electrical Engineer for 9.5 years with Nortel, turned Custom home builder for 10 years, turned Real Estate Broker for 20 years. Linced in 1992 and having worked for multiple real Estate Brokerages, I started my own company in 2000. Over the years the company grew and...

Peloponnisos, Messinia

Giannis Nikiforos
Re/Max Real Estate Group
Telephone: +30 2721069702 | 18 Listings

Ονομάζομαι Γιάννης Νικηφόρος . Γεννήθηκα και κατοικώ στη Καλαμάτα Μεσσηνίας . Έχω πτυχίο Δομικών έργων . Η εμπειρία μου σε αυτό είναι έξι χρονιά...

Peloponnisos, Lakonia

Ursula Katharina Papajoannou
Immo laconia
Telephone: +30 2733024585 | 3 Listings

Luxuryproperty-Greece is a full service real estate agency founded in 2004 by the German Ursula Katharina Papajoannou living more than 20 years in Greece. She established Luxuryproperty-Greece as an independent property agency which specialises in residential property...

Peloponnisos, Arkadia

Ματίνα Χάρμπαλη
Αρκαδία Kατοικία Real Estate
Telephone: +30 2755051645 | 532 Listings

Το μεσιτικό γραφείο ΑΡΚΑΔΙΑ-ΚΑΤΟΙΚΙΑ εξειδικεύεται στην προβολή κατοικιών και νέων κατασκευών στην ελληνική και διεθνή κτηματαγορά, καθώς και...

Peloponnisos, Arkadia

Γιώργος Κανελλόπουλος
Omega Real Estate
Telephone: +30 2710227070 | 1035 Listings

Η Omega Real Estate ιδρύθηκε το 2010, από τον Γιώργο Κανελλόπουλο, μεσίτη Αστικών Συμβάσεων, πιστοποιημένο διαχειριστή ακίνητης περιουσίας και...

South Aegean Islands, Cyclades

George Sitaras
Sitaras Real Estate
Telephone: +30 2283025668 | 227 Listings

Είμαστε το πρώτο αποκλειστικά κτηματομεσιτικό γραφείο στο νησί της Τήνου καθώς ξεκίνησαμε το 1997. Η συνέπεια και η συστηματική εργασία μας, στα...

South Aegean Islands, Dodekanisa

Giannis Pattas
Pattas real estate
Telephone: +30 2241301252 | 19 Listings

Ο ιδιοκτήτης του γραφείου και υπεύθυνος πωλήσεων Παττας Γιαννης με εμπειρία δέκα χρόνων στην κτηματαγορά της Ρόδου αποτελεί την ιδανική λύση για...

South Aegean Islands, Dodekanisa

Stergos Giasiranis
Exantas Rhodes
Telephone: +30 6945651738 |

Real Estate Broker and Architect. Μεσίτης Aκίνητων και Aρχιτέκτονας.

Thessalia, Magnisia

Georgios Triantafyllidis
Telephone: +30 2421025505 | 26 Listings

Entasis is one of the leading real estate development firms in central Greece. Entasis has today more than 5 projects under development in the city of Volos and in mountain Pelio. It\'s portfolio spans from luxurious city apartments and modern offices up to vibrant...

Thessalia, Magnisia

Antreas Dogakis
Telephone: +30 2421078200 | 39 Listings

Our company "ADN" is engaged in the construction for 16 years undertaking the preparation of environmental - technique surveys, issuance of building permits, construction - reconstruction of buildings, regularizations/legalizations of arbitrary, real estate...

Thessalia, Trikala

Vicky Bougla
Bougla Real Estate
Telephone: +30 2431063988 | 96 Listings

United Kingdom

Dimitra Balkizas | Hibiscus Ventures ltd
9 Listings

WE are Selling and Renting Greek residential and commercial properties and land specializing particularly in the Greek island of Lesbos / Lesvos where we have great many listings. We provide...

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