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Tourism Faces Two Big Threats
Greek tourism could climb to 25 million foreign arrivals and direct takings of 15 billion euros in 2016, which would make it another record year.
Greek Tourism Growth Said To Hinge On Bailout Review, Refugee Crisis
Greek tourism revenues are seen rising again in 2016 but revenue growth hinges on a swift conclusion of the country's bailout review and an efficient handling of refugee flows, the country's main tourism association said on Wednesday.
Favorable Outlook On The Jobs Front
The prospects for salaried employment in Greece are positive, but there are conditions attached, according to a ManpowerGroup survey, while job hirings continued to outnumber departures last month.
Damage Control
It’s been four months since the general elections swept the leftist SYRIZA party into power and Greece is in a much worse state that it was in December, with the country’s international creditors demanding more painful and tough measures because
Leaving Our Statist Habits Behind
Apparently, Greece is close to an agreement with its foreign lenders.
Police Find Second Safe House Used By Bank Robbers
Police are hoping that the discovery of a second safe house near Volos, central Greece, used by two bank robbers caught on Friday, may provide clues regarding the whereabouts of other wanted criminals with links to urban guerrilla groups, such as Gio
PM Speaks To Merkel, Hollande As Lenders Increase Pressure
With negotiations between Greece and its creditors at a critical phase, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Thursday sought the assistance of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande in a teleconference call.
U-Turn On ENFIA And Threshold
Government is mulling idea of postponing implementation of some key election pledges until next year By Prokopis Hatzinikolaou.
Arrivals Fell In Top Tourism Destinations Last Month
The impact of ongoing uncertainty has become apparent in arrival figures at the country’s top tourism destinations, data released by tourism professional association SETE show.
Phony Dilemma
The coalition government of SYRIZA and Independent Greeks may have a lot of weaknesses, a complete lack of experience in governance and fixations that are endemic to the left, but we should not underestimate Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s and his
Making The Most Of The Eastern Partnership
When the leaders of 34 countries meet on 21-22 May for the Riga Eastern Partnership Summit, we will be confronting geopolitical realities which are dramatically different from those which framed our last gathering.
Small Version Of ‘The Runner’ Appears On Myconos
A few years ago, Costas Varotsos’s emblematic glass sculpture “The Runner” had to cover the distance from Omonia Square in central Athens, where it was originally placed, to a tiny square facing the Hilton Athens Hotel, where it stands today.
The 8 Most Beautiful Greek Islands
With summer at our doorstep, our attention turns to Greece!
Greek FM In Turkey In Confidence-Building Push
Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias on Monday held talks with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and gave a flurry of interviews to Turkish media on the first day of a visit to Turkey aimed at paving the way for bilateral talks on confidence-building
Local Food Lovers Have Three Big Treats Coming Up
Greek food is taking center stage at a number of unlikely locations around Athens this month.
Worrying Signs For Tourism
Sector professionals fear reversal of growth trend unless a deal is reached with the country’s creditors.
Tenders Add Term For ‘Other Currency’
As uncertainty about Greece’s future in the eurozone grows, the first official documents making reference to “payments in euros or any national Greek currency at the time” have made an appearance, at the Municipal Port Fund of Rethymno, Crete.
Dangerous Move
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s threat to call a referendum if the country’s creditors insist on demands deemed unacceptable by his leftist government have added to uncertainty about what will happen in Greece in the coming weeks.
Athens Tourism Should Grow Unless Stability Is Threatened
The number of international tourists visiting Athens will continue to grow in 2015 provided that stability and a sense of security in Greece can be maintained, Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis told a press conference marking the opening of the third annu
Akinci Elected Turkish-Cypriot Leader, Raising Hopes Of Peace Deal On Island
Mustafa Akinci, who won a run-off for the Turkish Cypriot leadership on Sunday, is a veteran politician seen as best placed to revive peace talks with the Republic of Cyprus.
English-Language College Faculties Face Chop
A decision by Education Minister Aristides Baltas to abolish the country’s only three English-language undergraduate faculties, in spite of the fact that foreign universities have expressed strong interest in the courses, is to be discussed at a se
Early Easter Boosts Job Hirings
The earlier-than-usual start to the tourism season – thanks to Orthodox Easter falling in the first half of April – helped the labor market to post a slight recovery last month, with the Labor Ministry’s Ergani hiring register showed a net rise
Credit System Sees Funding Role In Residential Property Transactions Shrink
Banks are expected to have an even smaller role in the financing of residential property transactions in the first half of the year, weighing on the already tough market conditions.
An Exercise In Translation
Sociologist, linguist, professor and translator Leo Marshall lives in the UK most of the year but when he’s in Athens he wants a view of the Acropolis, and has one from the balcony of his home.
Greeks Awaiting Justice In Nazi Massacre Village, 70 Years On
Loukas Sehremelis was just 12 years old when Nazi troops burst into his house in the Greek village of Distomo, shooting and killing indiscriminately.
Strange Powers At Work?
Negotiations between Greece and its eurozone partners and creditors are hanging in the balance, which would suggest that this is the time to avoid any unilateral actions that could tip the balance against us.
Greece Has Two Weeks To Produce Red Meat
Greece has two weeks to produce some red meat.
'Stunning Evidence' For German War Reparations
Greece's defense minister has said the country has obtained "stunning evidence" to support its massive claims for World War II reparations from Germany.
One Way Or Another
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will soon have to decide whether he prefers a rift with Greece’s creditors and a return to the drachma, or a new memorandum that will keep the country in the euro.
Alternate Finmin: If Creditor Talks Collapse, Other Solutions Can Be Found
Alternate Finance Minister Dimitris Mardas said on Friday that the government was attempting to reach a deal in negotiations with its creditors but that, if one was not reachable, other solutions could be found.
Hoped-For Tax-Free Ceiling Dropping
Property owners will only have first 20-30,000 euros of their total objective value exempted from new levy By Nikos Roussanoglou.
Popular Illegal Download Website Shut Down, Owner Arrested
A 37-year-old man running a file-sharing website has been arrested for disseminating unlicensed films and television series online without having purchased the rights, the police said Friday.
Boost From Oil Rate, Euro Decline
Exports, tourism, consumer prices and consumption are all likely to benefit from developments in markets.
Europe Shares Rally In Biggest Rise For 3 Years; Greece Reverses Early Fall
European stocks surged on Thursday, with the market supported by a rise in Greek shares after the leader of the main opposition party said he was committed to keeping Greece in the euro should his leftist party take power next year.
European Equities Get Caught In The Rout Of The Rouble
European shares fell on Wednesday, reversing part of Tuesday's recovery, as a new drop in oil prices and financial turmoil in Russia again weighed on the region's stock markets.
Thousands Of Children Journey Into The Unknown
Kathimerini investigates the dangers faced by unaccompanied immigrant minors in Greece.
Childcare Foundations Buckling Under Pressure
Between rising taxes and unpaid rents on the properties they lease, children’s institutes in Greece struggling to fund their main activities.
Reality Testing
Greece’s long tradition of national division has accustomed us to living with many alternative versions of history and reality.
Steven Balourdos, Chicago Restaurateur And Real Estate Executive, Dies
Born in Greece, Steven Balourdos was a crewman on a cargo vessel when he jumped ship to make a new home in the United States, where he eventually made his way to Chicago and success in the restaurant and real estate businesses.
ILO Report Warns Greece Of Prolonged Social Crisis Unless Steps Are Taken In Employment
The International Labor Organization this week warned that Greece faces a prolonged social crisis unless steps are taken to improve the "anemic" pace of job creation.
Tokyo Hopes To Change The World
The 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo will serve as a springboard for the rebuilding of Japan’s image and economy.
Experienced French Real Estate Professional To Lead ICREA In 2015
Experienced real estate professional and author Gilles Ricour de Bourgies has become the 2015 Chair of the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA).
Current Account Surplus Widens In September
Greece's current account surplus widened in September compared to the same month last year, boosted by higher tourism receipts, according to central bank data published on Thursday.
Kandie Breaks Authentic Marathon Course Record
The favorable weather conditions and the perfect organization of the 32nd Athens Marathon – the Authentic, brought the best out of Felix Kandie who registered a new record in the authentic course from Marathonas to Athens on Sunday morning.
Fiscal Figures Are Hostage To Politics
The real threat to the country’s rebound will come from the effect of political developments on the economy.
Locals Campaign To Save Fresco Conservation Lab At Akrotiri
A barefoot Chinese woman with the train of her wedding dress trailing along the narrow footpath struck a posed in front of the caldera and took a selfie.
Grivalia To Invest In More Assets
Listed Grivalia Properties, formerly known as Eurobank Properties, intends to invest 500 million euros in the local real estate market over the next three years, company officials said on Wednesday during the presentation of its new brand name.
Labor Balance Shifted To Sackings
More people lost their jobs than got new ones in September, while six in 10 hirings concerned part-time or rotational employment, according to data published on Monday by the Labor Ministry from its Ergani database.
Greek-Made Submarines Buoy PM As Jobless Remain Adrift
When Antonis Samaras went to the Saronic Gulf this week to launch the first submarine made in Greece, he described the country’s shipyards as “weapons of growth.”
SMEs Still Struggled In 2013 Despite Signs Of Economic Improvement
Signs of recovery not strong enough to improve SME performance.
Debunking Myths On The Internet
On March 14, the Health Ministry issued an odd announcement, citing sources from the Poison Information Center at the Aglaia Kyriakou Children’s Hospital, which reported a significant spike in cases of cyanide poisoning linked to the consumption of
High Stakes After The Scottish Vote
We will soon know whether the Scots voted for their country’s independence or whether they will remain citizens of the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.”
Unequal After Death
The dead are dead and the slain are slain, whether they are Malaysian, Dutch, Palestinian or Israeli, whether they are the innocent victims of a civilian plane that is shot down (we still don’t know who is responsible for last week’s downing of t
No Spanoulis, Fotsis Or Big Sofo For Greece
New Greece coach Fotis Katsikaris announced on Sunday his provisional squad for the World Cup to take place in Spain from August 30, leaving out some of the most experienced hoopsters such as Vassilis Spanoulis, Antonis Fotsis, Loukas Mavrokefalidis
Εκπτώσεις στο πόθεν έσχες
Εκπτώσεις στις αντικειμενικές τιμές για τις μεταβιβάσεις ακινήτων με στόχο να υπάρξει μείωση μέχρι 40% στο ποσό των δαπανών που πρέπει να
SYRIZA To Demand Changes In Construction Of AEK FC’s Stadium
MP Apostolou argues plans may set precedent of parks and forests being seized to build sports facilities.
Police Collar Engineer Behind Bogus Auctions
A civil engineer believed to be behind a major property scam was arrested in Holargos, northeastern Athens, on Tuesday.
Sex, Drugs And Accounting For GDP In Europe
Europe has a new source of economic growth.
Green Hoopsters Survive PAOK Scare
PAOK gave Panathinaikos a real scare in the opening game of the A1 semifinal series on Tuesday, but eventually the champion managed to scrape through, while Olympiakos strolled past Panionios in the other semi.
Agreements For Hydrocarbons Survey And Mining To Be Signed
The fields in Ioannina, the Western Gulf of Patra and Katakolo could have up to 300 million barrels of oil.
Cops Hashed On Twitter
New York Police Department's hope that citizens would use #myNYPD to post pictures of helpful cops backfires as Twitter uses worldwide use similar hashtags to post images of police brutality.
New Broom Sweeps Clean For Younger Roma Generation
Roma youth in Corinth are finding new ways to express themselves through a new organisation Romani Elpida (Romany Hope) as well as a football team that's performing well in the local league.
Unknown Assailants Attack Students At Macedonia University
Two students at the University of Macedonia, which is based in Thessaloniki, were being treated in the hospital on Thursday for injuries sustained during an assault on Wednesday night by a group of youths who broke into the university campus and used
30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates Spike Eight Basis Points
Mortgage rates for 30-year fixed mortgages rose last week, with the current rate borrowers were quoted on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace at 4.27 percent, up from 4.19 percent at this same time last week.
Documentary About Paris's Homeless Scoops Top Honors At Thessaloniki Festival
Claus Drexel's “On the Edge of the World,” a powerful film about the homeless of Paris, has scooped the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) award for a foreign feature at the annual Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (TDF).
Storybook Tudors For ‘American Dream Builders’ Fans
If you caught Sunday’s premiere of NBC’s new reality home renovation show, American Dream Builders, you saw leading designers and home builders going head-to-head in the battle of storybook Tudors.
Zeljko The 'King' Was Back, But His Kingdom Beat Him
Obradovic returned to Athens with Fenerbahce, but Panathinaikos triumphed by nine.
Tips For Sellers In A Buyer’s Market
Selling your home in a market where there are more homes available for sale than there are buyers means that you really have to work at it.
Zillow Partnering With NBC’s ‘American Dream Builders’!
There’s a new show in the neighborhood on Sunday nights and we … cannot … wait!
How To Fix Squeaky Doors And Floors
Sure, squeaky doors and creaky floors are annoying, but if you’re trying to sell your home, they can actually scare away potential buyers who may wonder what other repairs you’ve failed to make.
Evergreen Giggs Rolls Back The Years For United Against Olympiakos
Ryan Giggs rolled back the years with an inspirational display to lead Manchester United into the Champions League quarter-finals on Wednesday, becoming the oldest outfield player to take part in the competition's knockout stages.
A Society Built On Injustice
Greece was not ready to deal with the crisis when it came and the situation has worsened dramatically over the five years of economic decline, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development noted in a recent report, stressing the need for
Houses Under 500 Square Feet For Rent
With high rents in several parts of the country, it’s not uncommon to find apartments measuring under 500 square feet.
Fred Thompson Sells Virginia Estate To Fellow Republican
In a real estate deal between two erstwhile Republican presidential candidates, former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman has bought former U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson’s house outside Washington, D.C. for $3.1 million.
It’s Spring — Time To Clean Up Your Finances
After one of the most brutal winters we’ve seen in years, it’s finally time to put away the down coats, spruce up the house and, yes, even tidy up your personal finances.
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