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Useful Information About the Dodekanisa

Population: 200,452
Total Area (Square KM): 2,714

The island complex of Dodecanese in south-eastern Aegean is the sunniest corner in Greece. Twelve large islands and numerous smaller ones with crystal clear waters, sandy or pebbly beaches, important archaeological finds, imposing Byzantine and medieval monuments and unique traditional settlements are waiting to be discovered.

Welcome to Rhodes, a medieval treasure beautifully preserved throughout the centuries. Wander around its magnificent Old City, surrounded by medieval walls with seven gates, and admire the Palace of the Grand Master.

Mandráki, the (ancient) harbour, is distinguished from the outer harbour by the 3 windmills and the fortifications at the end of the dock.

Kos. Sandy beaches, turquoise waters, lush vegetation, ancient and medieval monuments, tree-lined wide roads, large squares, parks, a superb city plan and an extensive bicycle-only routes network are the distinctive characteristics.

Kalymnos.Welcome the opportunity to visit the “island of the sea sponge harvesters”, an internationally known alternative tourism destination.

Pserimos means “looking for the ideal destination for serene, relaxing holidays”.

Telendos. Did you know that this tiny beautiful island formed part of Kálymnos in antiquity, but was separated in 554 AD due to a devastating earthquake?

Karpathos. An island blessed with an abundance of streams, pine-tree forests, vineyards, olive groves, rocky caves and mountainous landscapes, Kárpathos is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and lovers of deep-rooted tradition.

Tilos. Ragged mountainscape, densely forested ranges and hilly vistas, verdant valleys –home to four hundred species of flowers and herbs–, and habitat of rare species of birds.

Leros. Welcome to the island of Artemis, the goddess of forests and hunting, according to mythology.

Patmos. The “island of the Apocalypse” or “Jerusalem of the Aegean” welcomes you! Pátmos is quite popular amongst pilgrims since in one of the island’s caves John the Theologian, one of Christ’s disciples.

Arki and Marathi. Visit a dreamy cluster of islands east of Pátmos with sparse vegetation, old whitewashed houses, and cute little tavernas.

Astipalea is the westernmost island of the Dodecanese, located at the point where the Dodecanese meet the Cyclades.

Kassos. Despite its small size, Kássos was once a mighty maritime and commercial power. The well-preserved mansions that still stand in Fre, the island’s capital and main port, reflect today this former grandeur.

Simi. There are many reasons to visiting Simi apart from experiencing its unique cosmopolitan atmosphere, and wandering around its remarkable neo-classical settlement.

Halki. Enjoy peaceful holidays in the “Island of Peace and Friendship”, where young people from all over the world gather here every year for their annual meeting!

Nisyros. Take the opportunity to visit an unspoiled destination formed by volcanic eruptions.

Lipsi is the largest island belonging to a cluster of many others islets. It forms part of the Natura Network.

Agathonissi is the northernmost island of the Dodecanese; it consists of three large traditional settlements (Agios Georgios, Megalo Horio and Mikro Horio).

Kastelorizo lies at the easternmost end of Greece, a stone’s throw away from the Turkish coast.

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