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Nea Zichni, Serres

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Useful Information About East Macedonia & Thraki

Drama is one of the ecologically richest prefectures in Greece where you can see abundant waters, impressive mountains and forests: Eggitis and nestos rivers, Fraktos and Elatia forests with rich flora and fauna and Falakro mountain ideal for ski, climbing, parapente and mountain bike. It is located in the NE part of the country and shares boarders in the north with Bulgaria, in the east with Xanthi, south with Kavala and west with Serres. It is a mountainous prefecture as 70% of its surface is covered by the southwest part of Rodopi mountain chain. In the prefecture or around it the following mountains dominate: Falakro mountain (2.232m high), Meniko mountain (1.963m), Orvilos mountain (2.212m), Paggeo mountain (1.956m) and the mountains of Lekani (1.260m). Two plains are formed between these mountains. One is Drama plain in the southwest side of the prefecture and the other is Nevrokopi basin in the northwest side. Nestos river (243km) flows diagonally (towards the NE side) in the prefecture, entering to Greek land from Kato Nevrokopi municipality. It is a natural boarder that separates the Municipality of Drama and Sidironeri community. It also flows through the Municipality of Paranestio, Thracian Tempi and falls to the Aegean sea.

Serres Prefecture is rich in natural beauty, archaeological sites, Byzantine monuments, monasteries and churches. Lake Kerkini Aggitis gorge, the cave of Alistrati Strymon Delta and the springs are unique natural beauty and archaeological findings of Amphipolis and the ski center Vrontous (Lailia) complete the charming picture of the county, offering the possibility of alternative tourism throughout the year, attracting many visitors. The first inhabitants of Serres (Neolithic era) were Thracians. In historical times, the most important city of Serres was Amphipolis, while during the Byzantine period in the area were cruel conflicts between the Byzantines, Bulgarians and Serbs. In the 14th century. Turks conquered Serres, which was released in 1913.

Kavala Prefecture has traditional settlements, important archaeological sites, beautiful monasteries, picturesque villages by the sea, sandy beaches and amazing wetlands combined with modern tourism infrastructure and a rich cultural activity are the “ingredients” of an outstanding destination: Kavala! The prefecture also includes two islands: Thassos and the smaller Xeronisi. Around the 7th century BC the Thassians colonized the area and named it “Neapolis”. In Byzantine times the city acquired a new name “Christoupolis” (the city of Christ) but it was only during the Turkish occupation that the city took its final name, “Kavala”. The area gained great prosperity during the Macedonian rule when Philip the II annexed Neapolis as his harbour serving the town of Philippi. After the battle of Philippi (42 BC) it became a Roman colony; Apostle Paul came to Neapoli to preach Christianity rendering thus Kavala a metropolis of Christianity. In the 14th century the city was occupied by the Turks but after the 16th century it began to flourish again; it became as a result an important commercial centre at the beginning of the 20th century. Kavala was liberated in 1913.

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