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Find an architect or engineer in Greece. Search for designers, planners or builders. Use an engineer to properly design your new home, apartment or villa in Greece.


Peloponnisos, Messinia

Chris Tsorbatzoglou
Messinian Construction
Telephone: 6986 946 826 | Email | Website

Messinian Construction is a full service Design, Engineering, and Construction Company that is based in Kalamata, Messinia in the region of Southern Greece. We service the Peloponnese, Athens, and the Ionian Islands.

South Aegean Islands, Dodekanisa

Stergos Giasiranis
Telephone: +30 6945651738 | Email | Website

Architect and Real Estate Broker. Aρχιτέκτονας και Μεσίτης Aκίνητων.

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